Customer Feedback

Hi Jane and Sarah,

Congratulations on such a wonderful new business and easy to navigate website…so exciting.


Hi Sarah & Jane,

Couture Vulture – hey girlfriends, went along to the last event & picked up a fab Lilith skirt that hadn’t dated in years – a real quirky find. Not sure when the next event is but I thoroughly recommend a visit & social… last one was in a private room at the Rose & Crown, Warwick ( shopping with wine – how lovely ) Jane & Sarah have come up with a great idea for up-cycling beautiful unusual & sort after designer labels. I’m sure they’d love a like on their page if you haven’t already …

Jacqui Dalrymple

Hi Jane,

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing sale yesterday.

The work you and Sarah put into it must be incredible.

There was an incredible buzz, that was anything other than calm! I really felt the adrenaline that must have been running through you both. Your enthusiasm is brill.

My daughter is thrilled with the clothes she found to fit her thinner frame, as she starts a new job in September, and has been feeling very down, and worried about finding suitable, but lovely clothes that fitted her. Thank you, thank you for helping her so much.

Bet you feel really tired today, but excited at the same time, looking forward to the next sale.

I am getting excited already, having seen that lovely lady arrive with armfuls of clothes, that at a glance looked really great!

Thanks for everything, Sarah x

Jane – I am over the moon with the blue linen dress. I have wash it and now can’t decide whether to iron it or leave it crumpled.

Think maybe crumpled looks more me. I am so pleased that the day was a huge success for you.

It Is a brilliant concept and the quality of your clothes is excellent so that will encourage people to come on a regular basis. I did see a lot of gold bags leaving the building!

I am happy for you to go ahead and price the items and then we will wait and see.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you.

Kind regards Sue